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Safety Training

Education Propagation of Earthquake Prevention
Multiplayer Motion Platform

Multiplayer Motion Platform: Education Propagation of Earthquake Prevention

(Fire Safety Museum of Taipei City Department)

User-Centered Design

We devote to provide users a holistic experience by applying Design Thinking Methodology within the process of designing teaching materials. Considering several user scenarios in the same disaster condition, users can develop their own user experience journey map.

Multiplayer Cutting-edge Motion Technology

We research and develop the latest multiplayer technology and create co-working disaster relief application. Our innovation comes from blending virtual reality with cyber-physical system and motion sensitive devices. For instance, motion platform, motion and thermoregulation vest, environmental temperature control and so on. We enrich your sensuous enjoyment!

New Medium for Education Propagation

The application of virtual reality unleashes the limitation of people, time, and place. This allows users to access disaster prevention practices anytime and anywhere even propagandists are absent.


Save Yourself! Disaster Prevention Simulation Training

Disaster Scenario-based Design

By implementing scenario-based design and AAA digital content, we provide users unprecedented, vivid, and exquisite virtual world. We not only provide professional services of simulating and shaping any disastrous scenario but also customize the location wherever you want disasters waiting to happen! (The video shows the scenario of when users encounter an earthquake in convenience stores)

Virtual Reality Technology

By planning and designing appropriate disastrous scenario in advance, virtual reality can take users to a full-diving and immersive virtual world. In there, you would just feel as real as it gets.

Self-saving Training

We have the top disastrous consulting facilities and experts to supervise and collaborate with us. The self-saving disaster prevention training system we make is both cutting-edge and down-to-earth! It helps you to keep calm and carry on if the worst comes to the worst.


Emergency Self-Treatment of AR Real-time Location-Based System

AR Real-time Location-Based System can read the location data by scanning the specific image, with AR technology, firefighters can understand the structure of the building, the location of the fire-fighting equipment and hazardous flammable items faster with smart phones or AR glasses.