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Robot VR


VR Simulators of Aviation and Aerospace – Fly over Taipei (VR360)

Full motion Robotic Simulators

Full motion simulator using state-of-art industrial Robotic Arms integrated with Virtual Reality displays for dynamic pilot training, flight and driving simulators.

  • Full 6 DOF movement for true immersive motion simulation, using VR headsets or capsule projection.
  • Our long term government clients consist of Navy, Air Force and Army. There is growing demand to create more realistic and immersive motion simulations. The Robotic Simulators and VR integration provides immersive training experiences to meet their demands.
  • Our goal is to become the first fully-certified motion Robotics Simulator Integrator in Asia.

Wide range of motion simulations

  • Flight Training Simulator.
  • Driving Training Simulator (Humvees, speed)
  • Aerospace Simulation.
  • Entertainment.