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Airside Driving

Airport Airside Driving Simulator

The Airside Driving Simulator by GPT caters to the increasing demand from International Airports around the globe to provide safe virtual environment for ground vehicle staff to train in. In addition to the basic simulation module, a VR module with motion platform can alleviate motion sickness, allowing drivers to train in comfortable, immersive virtual settings, to experience feedback from the motion platform for high speed, collision, acceleration and slope movement. Through scenario editor, the instructor can setup various environmental settings, mission assignments and events. Through the back office database, instructor and keep track of the user violation report, with data analysis and history data search, and innovative AI control tower simulated response, this simulator can completely replace the limitation of conventional training.

4 distinguishing features of our Airside Driving Simulator

  • Integration of VR immersive technology with motion platform.
  • Control tower voice simulation system using AI chatbot and voice recognition to train drivers using the proper terminology.
  • Mission Editor allows instructor to edit training missions using simple drag-and-drop functions.
  • Integration of various vehicle’s interior with virtual dashboards, to closely simulate actual control boards on specialty vehicles.