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Winter Wonderland mini game (AR)

The Winter Wonderland AR game is a fun little game that encourages little kids to move their bodies. When kids stand in front of the depth-sensing camera, they command the virtual avatar, in the shape of kitty or puppy. By moving around the space, they can catch the presents falling from the sky. This was a very popular game at the school holiday events.

Kosmos Opening Ceremony mini game (AR+VR)

A unique multipalyer experience connecting 6 players using AR mobile phones with 2 VR players on Vive. Each AR player is responsible for recharging the fuel tanks to keep the assemly pipeline running. The VR players then fabricate each individual piece to complete the Rocket. This was commissioned by the KaoHsiung government for the opening ceremony of the Kosmos tech park.

BattleSkyVR – 2018 April Trailer

BattleSky VR is a Multiplayer VR flying first-person shooter at its core, bringing Overwatch style gameplay to the VR platform. Each player picks a Hero with vastly different size, powers and gameplay style to engage in fast-paced aerial combats against other players.