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Military & Police Training

Military & Police Training

AR Military Command Post Exercise

AR Military Command Post Exercise combines Augmented Reality display and GIS database to create the most advanced CPX system to simulate actual battle field conditions, with parameters such as Army doctrine and Mission, Enemy, Troops, Terrain, and Time-distance.

This system displays an augmented 3d table-top command dashboard, which is visible through AR glasses or tablets. Through integration with the back-end database, this system can effectively simulate military tactical planning, troops deployments and sequence, to ensure better engagement and collaboration between different officers.

Military & Police Training

VR Military Battle field Training

VR Military Battlefield Training is a multi-user training system that puts soldiers in an immersive and realistic simulated Battle field training exercise. Integrating advanced technologies such as position tracking, multiplayer networking, haptic vests and guns, haptic vibrating flooring, this system trains collaborative response to groups of soldiers in realistic high-stress situations, with the ability to create immersive virtual environment such as jungle, urban, or coastal battle zones. The commander station can monitor real-time progress of the trainees and keep records of the training in a back-end data syste.

Military shooting equipment
Supports up to 16 concurrent users, 16 standalone VR backpack computers, warehouse-scale indoor position tracking, haptic vests, haptic guns, vibrating haptic flooring, commander dashboard and data analysis platform.

Multi-user Submarine Training Simulator

  • Team-based simulator, two teams with one instructor.
  • Simulate operation of submarines with given scenarios from Instructor.
  • Our client is the Taiwan Navy. The phase 1 of the project is complete and we are continuing to develop and maintain this project.
  • Due to the confidentiality of the project, we cannot share any additional information.